Services Provided

Complete Primary Eye Care

ABQ Eye Care's primary eye care service is designed and staffed to provide quality eye care to patients. The professional staff at ABQ Eye Care ensures patients are comfortable throughout an examination and that patients understand everything they need to know about their eye and vision health.

Comprehensive eye examinations for adults and children:

  • Refraction for glasses and/or contact lenses
  • Test for the focusing (accommodation) ability for your eyes for reading
  • Test how your eyes work as a team
  • Complete eye health check, including checking the intraocular pressures with the latest technology, the iCare (which is much more comfortable than the air-puff), for glaucoma
  • Dilation if needed to check for eye disease
  • Refractive surgery screening and consultation                                                                                                   

Digital Retinal Photography

Digital retinal photography consists of a digital camera system that takes a photograph of your retina. Here is a summary of the benefits of Digital Retinal Photography:

  • A scan to confirm a healthy eye or detect the presence of disease.
  • An overview or map of the retina, giving your eye doctor a more detailed view than he can achieve by other means.
  • The opportunity for you to view and discuss the images of your eye with your doctor at the time of your examination.

There is no need to wait for results, our digital camera gives us the images within seconds for review. By looking at digital photos from previous years, your doctor can look for changes over time and determine if more aggressive treatments are necessary.


We recommend that all our patients receive this test. It is especially important for patients with a history of high blood pressure, diabetes, retinal diseases, flashes of light, floaters, headaches and those with a strong glass prescription.

Specialty Eye Care

Diagnosis, Treatment, and Maintenance of eye disease:
  • Complete range of services for all ages with a variety of eye health problems
  • Myopia Management of Orthokeratology
  • Therapeutic and Diagnostic Pharmaceutical Agent certified to diagnose and treat multiple diseases such as Glaucoma, Iritis, Red Eye, and Dry Eye
  • Evaluation and recommendation for eye surgery
  • Recommendation for sub-specialty eye care

Prescription Glasses

Whether if it is for specific tasks such as a distance only, reading only, computer only, sunglasses, or for all day, every day wear, we only use premium products to achieve the utmost in optical acuity for your specific visual demands. Also, our opticians have many years of training in optics so that the correct measurements, fittings, and most current lens option technology are utilized. Also, please feel free at any time for a frame adjustment.

Contact Lenses

ABQ Eye Care is proud to fit the most technologically advanced contact lenses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and bifocals. We provide contact lenses in a wide variety ranging from rigid gas permeable to soft disposable, extended wear, contacts for astigmatism, as well as colored contacts and bifocal contacts. Dr. Chan also is proficient in specialty contact lenses, such as patients with high prescriptions, amblyopia (lazy eye), keratoconus, post-refractive surgery, and other hard-to-fit contact lens patients. Whether you have been unsuccessful on wearing contact lenses in the past, or if your present contact lenses are not giving you the best comfort or vision you want, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your options with you.


Orthokeratology (also known as corneal molding or corneal refractive therapy/CRT) is non-surgical, non-invasive option to correct for low amounts of near-sightedness or astigmatism, also known as myopia management. It is a clinical technique that uses specially designed rigid contact lenses to reshape the cornea to reduce refractive error. A specialized contact lens is worn overnight so that glasses or contact lenses do not need to be work during the day. If your child's prescription keeps going up every year or you cannot wear soft contact lenses, orthokeratology offers an alternative to have good visual acuity throughout the day.

Vision Therapy

Dr. Tony Chan was a pioneer in the field of vision therapy and Dr. Mamie Chan continues on the tradition. Vision therapy is a specialized program individually designed to improve vision skills in eye movement control, eye focusing (accommodation) and coordination, and the teaming of both eyes.It is a sequence of activities individually prescribed and monitored by the Dr. Chan to develop efficient visual skills and processing. It is prescribed after a comprehensive eye examination has been performed and has indicated that vision therapy is an appropriate treatment option. The vision therapy program is based on the results of standardized tests, the needs of the patient, and the patient's signs and symptoms.


Dr. Chan is a provider for InfantSEE, a public health program that provides FREE eye examinations for babies in their first year of life. Schedule your baby for his or her first eye examination for early detection of potential eye and vision problems! For more information, visit

Designer Frames & Eyewear

ABQ Eye Care features a large assortment of eyewear at affordable prices. We carry a wide variety of frames in the latest styles, materials and colors for men, women and children. We'll help you find the perfect frme for your lifestyle! Designer names include Gucci, Coach, D&G, Jones New York (regular and petite), Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Lulu Guiness, Ray-Ban, Nike, Smith Optical, Adidas, Harley Davidson, and more!

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